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Great ending to this scene which turns the story on its head. I spent a while in make-up getting all aged up and it constantly needed refreshing between scenes. The upside was that I had a stubborn, pesky blackhead that I had tried for years to remove with all kinds of tools and products, but to no avail. However, once I peeled all that gunk off it had miraculously disappeared. RESULT!!!


Paper Heart

November 22, 2010 — Leave a comment
SUPPORT: Rob Brown with actor Kevin Spacey.

Next acting gig is in London around 30th Nov. It’s not often that real talent and a good cause come together, happily this the case with this little venture. The talent is in the form of award winning Director Rob Brown. His previous work includes the acclaimed Echoes and more recently Silent Things.

Paper Heart is part of a multimedia project around the issues of homelessness. The film was pitched to Kevin Spacey who supported it’s funding through IdeasTap. My role in the film is tiny, however the chance to be part of something that isn’t as insular as the norm and to work with another emerging Director – it’s happened a few times lately – was all the convincing I needed.

How did I miss this????!!!