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Okay not a true directing masterclass…more incredible insight from screenwriter Charlie Kaufman who you many know from Synecdoche New York, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich.





Camera work.





This is of particular interest to those actors interested in Shakespeare and also those for whom the current vogue for ‘mimic’ acting is a tad scary!

Jeremy Irons is speaking to the Chiltern Shakespeare Company.


Cick the image above for a  brilliant watch. It’s a slightly awkward interview/masterclass with one of our finest directors Stephen Frears best known for ‘Tamara Drewe’, The Queen, Dirty Pretty Things, High Fidelity, Accidental Hero, The Grifters, Dangerous Liaisons, Prick Up Your EarsMy Beautiful Laundrette and that list is by no means exhaustive!

Here he talks about how he became a director, the importance of good writing, ‘Britishness’, getting the best out of actors, having the writer on set, the difference between working in the US and UK and the difference in shooting Film & TV and fields numerous other questions from the audience.

What struck me was his acknowledgement of the role of luck in his career and the ultimate importance of great writing and getting the casting right. From an actors point of view I totally echo those sentiments!

Don’t miss this incredible Directing Masterclass by Alejandro González Iñárritu…

‘Thoughts on Amorres Perros stimulate reflections on his schooling in commercial direction and how that informed his sense of visual narrative. A discussion of 21 Grams segues into a personal, poetic interpretation of the limitations of a script and the transcendence of the editing process. He is captivating on the way photography can narrate; how sound can create an extra dimension; how communication with actors must be pared to the bone; how to explore thematic territory; and how the subconscious is, for him, a reliable guiding force.’

The Short Film Alejandro directed for the BMW The Hire series entitled Powder Keg

British Director Duncan Jones talks a little about directing the brilliant Moon and drops some hints about Source Code???

One of my favourite Actors Peter Mullan talks about the problems of transposing autobiographical material to the screen, supporting actors needing to be natural and some of his influences.

Here is a Trailer of NEDS which was released in 2010.

Info on the BFI Film Festival is here.