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Here is the Q&A after the Premier of the ‘short’ film Ante at Kino.  The cast, writer and director were questioned by John Robb of Goldblade fame and members of the audience.

Thankfully most of the questions were quite rightly aimed at Chris Cronin for his better than good job of directing the film. Personally I hate watching these things back as I think I come across as a proper tool most of the time. The other guys did great during the Q&A and the response to the film was outstanding and kinda caught everybody surprise. And hey, if the number of new Facebook friends people connected with the film got, after the screening is anything to go by,  we just might be in for a bit of a ride!



February 18, 2011 — 1 Comment

This the first exclusive clip of the anticipated short film Ante. The film will premier at Kino Shorts on March 9th prior to worldwide release. For me it’s great to see Steve and Greg in action.

I wonder if the film looks like what people expect?