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Great ending to this scene which turns the story on its head. I spent a while in make-up getting all aged up and it constantly needed refreshing between scenes. The upside was that I had a stubborn, pesky blackhead that I had tried for years to remove with all kinds of tools and products, but to no avail. However, once I peeled all that gunk off it had miraculously disappeared. RESULT!!!


This is the trailer for Finding Polish. A film that was commissioned as part of the Version Festival last year and was premiered, albeit in first edit, at The Cornerhouse in Manchester. It’s a screen adaptation of a short story of the same name by M.Y.Alam. The story appears in a collection entitled The Book of Leeds, published by Comma Press.

I initially auditioned for the film having read about Comma Press and the upcoming Version Festival. I was interested from a storytelling point of view. Anyway, after getting the part of Polish I did express how I became interested but the bait was never taken and I decided not to explore anything further – for the time being anyway.

The film itself was meant to be a short 10 minute pitch for a feature. However, we had so much great material from the shoot that it turned in to a made for TV feature. As far as I know the production team behind the film – Picture Lock Productions –  are still trying to secure  a deal which would enable them to make a full feature.

Once again I was lucky enough to work with a great crew, and during some of the twilight shoots  a team spirit came through that I have rarely seen before or witnessed since. We all worked extremely hard but had some great laughs along the way too.

Unfortunately, I’m not really ‘in the loop’ as to what is happening with the film. But whatever happens I hope the feature length version does get made. It is a great story and the character of Polish and his associations with an Asian gangster family deserve to be explored on screen as well as in literary form. Storytelling in two media.

I will keep an eye on what happens with Version too. I’m sure oral storytelling, modern short stories and film can work in partnership – somehow.