The Bench a short film about love and loss from Manchester

September 15, 2010 — 1 Comment

The first short to make it to my YouTube channel. Now re-upped in bang on quality.

We shot the park scenes on one hell of a miserable, wet and windy day. That’s why I like look like I have pissed myself. You can actually hear the rain on the soundtrack. Myself and Tigga got wet arses too!

Was a joy to do though, it’s great working with an actor who just does the job and does it fantastically well.

Nothing happened with the film as far as I know, at least I never heard about it if it did and I am sure that the guys at DNA Acting would have let me know. Was a shame because it’s the only love story I have done.

I’m usually too busy killing people or having a breakdown to have time for that love nonsense!


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